Helpful Hints for Caravan / Motorhome Storage

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Caravan / Motorhome Storage Hints

When you are not on the open road exploring this wonderful country your caravan or motorhome is best locked up nice and tight. Below you will find some helpful tips to store your van safely.

  • Window & Doors

Check to see if your seals need replacing. If they do best to do that prior to storage but if they are in good condition lightly lubricate them to prevent sticking.

  • Keep it Covered

A quality cover is the perfect way to stay protected when in self storage. It will protect against dust or the odd condensation drip ensuring cleaning is minimised when removed from storage.

  • Ensure it is Clean

Prior to storage ensure the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned inside, out and under removing any water stains, bugs or bird droppings as this can damage the paint. Remove any tar or road grime as rust or corrosion can result. It also helps to have a wax coating before storing to seal the paintwork for extra protection.

  • Towing Electrics

Neatly put away your electrics such as your pin and seal them off. Vasaline or electrical tape is a good way to seal your electrics off from the elements.

  • Awnings

Extend your awnings out to ensure they are clean and most importantly dry prior to putting your caravan or boat into storage. This will stop mould and grim build up keeping it fresh for your next big trip.

  • Remove gas cylinders

By removing your gas cylinders this assists Prime Space in keeping your vehicle as same as possible. It is against our policy and the storage agreement to store fuels and gas cylinders onsite.

  • Battery Care – Prime Space Trickle Charge Service

Prime Space offer trickle charging to ensure your battery is charged & always ready to go whenever you are. If you do not wish to leave your caravan on charge, please let us know.

  • Blinds

Make sure all the blinds and flyscreens are fully retracted to avoid damage to the springs that help the blind return to its retracted position.

  • Water Filters

Remove water filters to prevent any water held in them freezing and potentially damaging the unit.

  • Water System

Open all the taps in the caravan, including the shower control. If you have a lever tap, ensure its mid-way between the hot and cold positions. Open the caravan’s drain taps to flush that last drop of water from the pipework. Put plugs in the kitchen sink, washroom basin and shower tray.

  • Water Heater

Drain down your caravan’s water heater – read the instructions for how to do this for your particular model’s system.

  • Tyres & Steadies

Site your caravan on level ground, then lower the corner steadies and rest them on blocks or pads. Chock the wheels. Leave the handbrake off if it’s to be in storage for a length of time. Visit the caravan throughout the winter months and turn the wheels to avoid the risk of flat spots on your tyres.

  • Ventilation

Leave vents uncovered so air can circulate inside the caravan. We’d recommend visiting the caravan regularly while it’s in storage over the winter months and leaving small bowls of salt dotted around the caravan to help absorb condensation.

  • Toilet

Empty and flush through your toilet waste tank and apply a little bit of olive oil to the opening blades, then leave them in the open position.

  • Fridge

Empty the fridge, clean it out with a solution of bicarbonate of soda or similar, and leave the door ajar so that air can circulate.