Helpful Hints to store your Vehicle

Tips & Tricks

Vehicle Storage Hints

There are many reasons why you may choose to store your vehicle. Below you will find some helpful tips to ensure your pride & joy is as you left it when it is time to hit the road again.

  • Keep it Covered

A quality cover is the perfect way to stay protected when in self storage. It will protect against dust or the odd condensation drip ensuring cleaning is minimised when removed from storage.

  • Ensure it is Clean

Prior to storage ensure the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned inside, out and under removing any water stains, bugs or bird droppings as this can damage the paint. Remove any tar or road grime as rust or corrosion can result. It also helps to have a wax coating before storing to seal the paintwork for extra protection.

  • Battery Care – Prime Space Trickle Charge Service

Prime Space offer trickle charging to ensure your battery is charged & always ready to go whenever you are. If you do not wish to leave your vehicle on charge, please let us know.

Depending on the vehicle you are storing you may wish to disconnect the battery. It is best to disconnect batteries in older machinery as they may not have a sophisticated engine computer. Leave the battery connected with newer ones and turn the engine over for 15mins once a week.

  • Jack Stands

If the vehicle is going to be stored for more than 3 months or so and you have the availability to place it on jack stands, this is recommended. This helps to stop the tyres developing flat spots which can result in a vibration when driving.

  • Change the Oil

For storage of 30 days or more changing the oil so it is fresh prior to storing can be beneficial to engine life. Some manufactures say older/used oil can contain contaminants which could harm your engine.

  • Top Off the Tank

Fill the tank with petrol or diesel when storing for more than 30 days. This helps to stop moisture build up in the tank and can stop seals drying out. We recommend a fuel stabiliser to stop ethanol build up and to protect the engine from gum, varnish and rust.

  • Handbrake Off

Leave the handbrake off when storing long term so the pads don’t fuse to the rotors. We recommend using chocks under your tyres to stop the vehicle from moving.

  • Wiper Blades

Clean your wiper blades prior to storage and either leave them standing up away from the front window or remove them completely. This will stop them sticking to the window or deforming as they aren’t being pressed continuously one way.

  • Keep Critters Out

When storing your vehicle keeping insects and alike out can be challenging, especially if you are storing outside or in an unmonitored area. Fortunately, Prime Space Self Storage spray the entire building with premium insecticide not available to consumers to ensure the best barrier possible is upheld. Excessive baiting is also used to ensure pests like rats & mice are kept outside where they should be.